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Goldstein Technologies

Where ideas are turned into reality. Getting great products in front of people, whether through mobile apps, Google Glass, or digital art, we aim to merge technology, beauty and utility in our thoughts, designs and development.


We are actively pursing solutions to the problem of indentifiying RNA splice sites. Our first effort in this area was to evolve Regular Expressions using a genetic algorithm. The concept behind this approach was to evolve expressions that would closely match the biological underpinnings of the acutal process in vivo. Our next goal is to automate the genetic algorithm such that it can continually run with no human involvement and can be scaled up to any number of machines. In this way we hope to have computers throughout the globe working on this problem every second of everyday.

Collaborative Filtering
Spurred on by the NetFlix prize, we continue to explore the concept of collaborative filtering and recommendations. See our Services section for information if you are looking to implement collaborative filtering on your site.

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