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Facebook Connect Tutorial



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Author's Note: 01/22/2011

This tutorial is now out of date. Facebook has implemented a new way to do all of this, and this tutorial shows the "old" way. It will however still work, so I'm leaving it up here for now. Hopefully I can update it at somepoint to the new techniques. -P.G.

Why are we here?

This tutorial will focus on integrating Facebook Connect with a dynamic web site. The tutorial assumes it's an existing dynamic site that has its own user base and login mechanisms, but it applies equally to one that you are building from scratch if you still want to support more than one login mechanism (your own and Facebook Connect).

This tutorial is for you if


Before trying to implement on your site, you'll need to take care of the following steps which are not covered in the tutorial.


The Overview page will give a brief description of each page we will be going over in the tutorial.