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Goldstein Technologies

Where ideas are turned into reality. Getting great products in front of people, whether through mobile apps, Google Glass, or digital art, we aim to merge technology, beauty and utility in our thoughts, designs and development.

You can view some of the technology based art that we have developed here

Death of Art: 5 x 5 Black White is the name of a piece that will show all of the 33,554,432 designs that are possible on a 5 x 5 grid using black and white squares. The piece gets its name due to the fact that by cycling through all the possible images it in effect destroys the 5 x 5 grid as a possible art form. But in doing so, it creates its own visual display that you may find pleasing.

Implementation Notes:
Death of Art uses a Linear Congruential Generator to iterate through the possible images in an interesting way. The 5 x 5 grid gives us 225 possible images each of which can be thought of as an integer between 0 and 33,554,431. The grid is a binary representation of those numbers.

The javascript based version of Death of Art will repeat its images if reloaded on to your browser, but otherwise will not. We will be posting soon a php implementation that will iterate through the images once and only once and will increase the count whenever a new visitor comes to the page.