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Goldstein Technologies

Where ideas are turned into reality. Getting great products in front of people, whether through mobile apps, Google Glass, or digital art, we aim to merge technology, beauty and utility in our thoughts, designs and development.

Our Products: GolfSight for Google Glass and SkyDroid - Golf GPS

GolfSight for Google Glass

GolfSight was released on November 19th, 2013 at the Google GDK launch event in San Francisco. GolfSight gives you realtime golf GPS distances to the green and other points on the course and lets you keep score as you go. All on Google Glass

A Glass "Vignette" done with GolfSight

A great way to share with friends, snap a pic with your scorecard showing on Glass and tell Glass to "make vignette".

Watch GolfSight in action

Video says it all

SkyDroid - Golf GPS

Our top selling Golf GPS app, used by over 300,000 people world wide