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Facebook Connect Tutorial



Ok, here's just a quick overview of the pages we will be discussing in the tutorial.

Oh what a tagled web we weave! Actually its not too bad, as you'll see in a bit. Here's a brief overview of what each page is about.

  • The Landing Page for logged in user is just like what it sounds. Its the page that shows information for people that are logged into your site. If a user comes here without being logged in they get forwarded to:
  • The Login page, where we can log users in either via a standard username/password or hopefully, through Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Connect pop-up dialog is a page that can pop-up when the user is on the login page. Its hosted by Facebook, and lets the user decide whether or not to "connect" with your site.
  • The Connect Account page will let users connect their Facebook ID to an existing user id on your site.
  • For users that don't have an account on your site already, the Create New Account page will create one for them.

Note: although I do show the Facebook pop-up here, there is other communication with Facebook servers that is not shown here.

That's the gist of it, but you'll see a lot more detail (maybe too much) on the next few pages.


Next up is the Landing page for logged in user.